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Qbit TMS - Manage your Entire Supply Chain

We combine all the complex decision making processes ‘bit-by-bit’ in the supply chain, so that you can focus on what’s important: delighting their customers.

Solution to all your Dispach Planning Problems

- Our advanced algorithms let you dispatch orders of any scale in the most efficient and cost optimal way.
- Dispatch Planning engine considers 100+ business & real world constraints and create ideal plan for different fulfilment models.

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Enjoy stress free vehicle sourcing process.

- Get the Best Freight Rates in the market with AI-Enabled Freight Reverse E-Auction.
- 25% Faster Vehicle Finalization
- 100% Transparent & Audit Compliant

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Track your fleet in real-time

Our Multimodal Supply Chain Visibility platform helps you improve profitability, delight customers and grow your business.

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Why Choose Qbit TMS

With Qbit Supply Chain Platform you can streamline your entire supply chain.

Self learning ML based algorithms
ML backed dispatch optimization results for better optimization & efficiency.
5-7% Direct Cost Reduction from Day 1
Best in class dispatch planning and truck load building algorithms.
25% Faster Vehicle Sourcing
With Spot bidding enjoy stress free truck booking experience.
3-5% Increase in truck capacity usage
Suggesting additional load of fast selling SKUs 

We have some features that we think you would fall in love with!

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What did we Achieve?


Increase in cost savings.


Reduction in loading/unloading time.


Increase in vehicle utilization.

Scalable Solutions for Any Business, Any Size


From primary to secondary to last-mile, optimize your load and maximize resource utilization.

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Optimize your load, minimize costs and increase efficiency of your logistics operations.

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Streamline your delivery logistics in real-time and deliver perfect customer experiences.

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Cold Chain/Pharma

Optimized logistics with visibility over temperature controls and constant deviation alerts.

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Efficiently manage your services and ensure end-to-end visibility with SLA compliance and happy customers.

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Optimize last-mile, manage reverse orders, streamline warehouse operations - all in a highly customizable solution.

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Don't just take our word for it

Aseem Chandra from Vijay Sales on Qbit Supply Chain

"It’s intuitive, functional, easy-to-setup and presents content in an interactive and interesting way."

aseem chandra, core team member @vijaysales

"Qbit Supply Chain(formerly Quifers) Workforce management system helped us streamline our whole process - from scheduling, allocation to routing & billing. The route optimization is a powerful tool. We were able to reduce repeat attempts & drive down the costs by as much as 25%."

Our promise

Perfect your Supply Chain.

Qbit Supply Chain Solutions are purpose built for you to achieve the best results with your Supply Chain.

Enterprise Grade Security

Secure cloud deployment with option to block any rogue IPs

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Integrate Any Platform

Integrate any existing system to augment your workflow.

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Make better decision with rich data insights to your operations.

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