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The Challenge

Streamlining day-to-day activities manually takes up a lot of time and management bandwidth and is still inefficient. It is very difficult to meet the required customer service levels while keeping track of all your resources in the organisation at any given time. Keeping a track of an order’s lifecycle in the organisation is a big hassle.

Our Solution

Qbit ERP tool helps to plan daily deliveries using optimised routes which reduce delivery time and costs. End to end tracking of resources and orders helps to bring in the transparency needed. Billing and reporting further facilitate ease of management and helps them to concentrate on their business.

Our Impact

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Increase in Cost Savings


Reduction in loading/unloading time


Increase in vehicle utilization

How we helped one the biggest FMCG companies save INR 55 lacs yearly.

With Qbit Truck Load Builer

Dabur Case Study with Qbit Supply Chain