Improving Operational Efficiency for a Leading Electronics Retail Company

Supply chain automation in Electronics Retail Industry

Qbit Delivery Management System (QDMS) is a robust, end-to-end ERP solution that gives retailers the tools they need to easily manage all of their SKUs, Resources, and Customer Deliveries. It automates all of your major processes and greatly raises all of your KPls, while still allowing for manual intervention as needed.

Challenges faced by Electronics Retail Company

It was cumbersome for Vijay Sales to plan their daily dispatches manually being mindful of the onground constraints and how the lack of visibility in their truck movements added to the woes.

Delivery planning is inefficient.

Dealing with real-world restrictions.

There is a significant lag between delivery andvendor reconciliation.

Billing for transporters is manual.

High transportation costs in secondary transportation.


QDMS automate Vijay Sales daily planning process. Our GPS-enabled delivery software, which also captures EPOD and includes geo-fencing for delivery validation, allows Vijay Sales to follow all of their deliveries and resources in real-time.

The automation of the entire distribution system freed up a significant amount of management time, allowing them to focus on their core operations. Customer involvement and geo fence resulted in a 30% reduction in failed delivery efforts, resulting in lower delivery costs when combined with optimised delivery routes

Solutions offered

Optimised Routes: With our AI/ML backed algorithms, we prepare minimal distance travel routes.

Real-Time Traffic: We take into consideration the real time traffic scenarios to prepare solutions.

Dynamic Mobile App: Our mobile app sends and accepts orders for the trip in real-time on ground.

EPOD Authentication: Our Offline first EPOD application allows you to have seamless updates and visibility into the system. Workflows here also control the state of the trips.

Business Sector

Electronics Retail

Performance Improved

10% Reduction in overall Cost (Direct & Indirect)

12% Increase in number of deliveries per day

20% Reduction in Planning hours

30% Reduced missed delivery instances

For Delightful customer experience

Schedule a demo with one of Qbit industry experts.

For a Delightful customer experience

Schedule a demo with one of Qbit industry experts.