India's Largest FMCG company reduce $10 Million yearly

Supply Chain Automation in FMCG Retail

The company is the one of the largest FMCG Company in India with Revenues of over Rs. 9,500 Crore & Market Capitalization of over Rs 100,000 Crore. The last leg of distribution (C&FA to Distributor) had always been a costly business for our client. An uneven demand, huge number of SKUs, high service levels required to avoid stock-outs and a large geo- graphical area for distribution; all this, put quite a pressure to design a responsive supply chain.

Challenges faced by FMCG Company

It was cumbersome for the FMCG Manufacturer to plan their daily dispatches manually being mindful of the onground constraints and how the lack of visibility in their truck movements added to the woes.

Inefficient planning of deliveries.

Large lead time between delivery and vendor reconciliation.

Manual transporter billing.

High transportation costs in primary & secondary transportation.

Reimagining a digital freight network to ship consumer goods

Our client needed process transformation in two of their core freight functions. Their logistics planning was completely manual causing an immense delay with almost 70% of their time spent in waiting and other repetitive activities.

The ceramic company saw remarkable benefits in reverse and dead hauls apart from reaping the rewards of digitizing and automating all their logistics planning and execution on Qbit.

Solutions offered

Planning Dispatch: Order Consolidation, route optimization

Dispatch Allocation: Indent against Contracts on predefined logic

Spot Truck Sourcing: Supply Gap fulfilment, freight e-negotiation, transparent allocation

Transporter Portal: Confirmation, Appointment & vehicle details, performance

Dispatch & Delivery Tracking: GPS, Dealer - Sales view, e-POD, Claims

Control Tower, Analytics & Audit: Real time Dashboard, Reports, Historical records for audit

Freight e-processing: Auto computation, transporter e-invoice, exception highlight

Business Sector

FMCG Manufacturing

Performance Improved

9% Cost savings through indent planning optimization

85% Increased visibility of deliveries though Qbit Location tracking

80% Reduction in non-value adding activities

30% Improvement in TATs with Transporter Performance Metrics

For Delightful customer experience

Schedule a demo with one of Qbit industry experts.

For a Delightful customer experience

Schedule a demo with one of Qbit industry experts.