Supply Chain Planning Automation for a Leading Electronics Manufacturer

Supply Chain Automation in FMCG Retail

Our Client is one the leading Electrical Equipment manufacturers in the country. Its product offerings vary from wires-cables to new age solar products, offering all essential consumer electrical equipment. Its daily movement consists of an average of 100 truck dispatches from all primary and regional warehouses. With such vast coverage and penetration in the Indian market, the daily movement of goods from parent warehouse to all the subsequent lower levels of distributors is complex and challenging task.

Challenges faced by electronics manufacturer

The complex fleet movement, coupled with the wide varieties of SKUs and their seasonal/cyclical trends makes Anchor's supply chain all the more complex and the planning, management and tracking of in transit goods a daunting task.

Given the varying mix of SKUS, ranging from low value to high value goods, and the unpredictability of market demand in the Secondary movement, optimizing cost in the supply chain movement, especially infleet planning, and its complete transparency is a critical task for the management which was all being done manually.

Inefficient fleet planning: time consuming & costly

Visibility of in-transit fleet.

Manual transporter billing.

High transportation costs in primary & secondary transportation.

Transporter billing delays.

Choosing a better way to ship Electronics

Within the secondary movement, the realtime EPOD submission has helped in quick Billing of the transporter & thus increased visibility for the Finance team of the cash inflow.

The Manual Eway bill generation took around 2-3 minutes per eway bill which is now reduced to 20 seconds per button click. This time saved, over the course of 70,000 Eway bills generated monthly is huge freeing up of manual resources which are being channeled effectively now.

Solutions offered

Planning Dispatch: Order Consolidation, route optimization

Dispatch Allocation: Indent against Contracts on predefined logic

Dispatch & Delivery Tracking: GPS, Dealer - Sales view, e-POD, Claims

Control Tower, Analytics & Audit: Real time Dashboard, Reports, Historical records for audit

Freight e-processing: Auto computation, transporter e-invoice, exception highlight

Business Sector

Electronics Manufacturing

Performance Improved

- 20% Reduced Cost in Primary, because of optimized fleet planning.

- 20 Sec E Way Bill Generation which used to be around 2-3 minutes earlier. This is significant as around 70000 E Way Bills are generated per month.

- 70% Reduction in planning time as it is now automated and has increasing resource utilization.

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For a Delightful customer experience

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