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An increasingly customer centric world continues to put an enormous strain on logistics operations.


Real time visibility is essential to build a flexible and reliable supply chain which can meet such challenges.


Quifers real time vehicle tracking solution helps businesses monitor their assets in transit.


Salient Features

Improved productivity

21% of average reduction in overall TAT after the first 90 days recorded by Quifers customers, with improved SLA compliance.

Works on all phones

17% reduction in unplanned delays/halts and a 62% reduction in delay/halt duration over a 90 day period recorded by Quifers customers.

Quicker Resolution of Exceptions

Reduced exception response time with real time alerts and notifications as per pre-defined escalation matrix.


Don't just take our word for it

Aseem Chandra from Vijay Sales on Qbit Supply Chain

"It’s intuitive, functional, easy-to-setup and presents content in an interactive and interesting way."

aseem chandra, core team member @vijaysales

"Quifers Workforce management system helped us streamline our whole process - from scheduling, allocation to routing & billing. The route optimization is a powerful tool. We were able to reduce repeat attempts & drive down the costs by as much as 25%."


Frequent Questions

What is the level of accuracy provided by Quifers real time vehicle tracking solution?

The accuracy of location data varies as per the device under use. GPS devices offer the greatest accuracy with a variation of under 20 m in urban areas and a variation of under 50 m in rural areas.

Does Quifers vehicle tracking system integrate with my ERP solution?

Our solutions readily integrate with all major ERP software like SAP, OTMS, JDA or Ramco.

Can I get a live demo of your vehicle tracking system?

We’d love to give you a demo of our solution. Click here to get in touch.