E- Proof of delivery

Less Paperwork for your Supply Chain 📃

Instead of collecting, scanning and filing physical confirmations for the completion of a delivery or service, just get a customer documents via Proof of Delivery.

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Better Accountability, More Transparency

With Proof of Delivery, dispatchers and other back-office staff will always know what’s happening out on the road: what’s completed, what hasn’t gone according to plan – and why. Mistakes and accidents do happen. With Proof of Delivery, you’ll be able to smoothly handle these mishaps.

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Features & Process

Qbit's EPOD Solution is a comprehensive solution that can take care of the complete needs of any company when it comes to Supply Chain, whether it's primary, secondary, or Last mile.

Qbit's Driver App

The mobile app will run on Driver’s mobile phone and will have features of capturing the Lat Long of the driver's current location & to capture the pictures of the load, LR copy (any POD documentation) and the recipient’s signature. The authentication of delivery can be done through user signature.

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Customer / Distributor App

The distributor/End-customer app will be used by the final stakeholder to upload the E-POD instead of the delivery boy doing it. It will have features to capture the pictures of the load, LR copy (any POD documentation) and the recipient’s signature. The authentication of delivery can be done through user signature.

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The Quifers dashboard is a unified solution for all E-POD needs. It can be easily used to track all your delivered goods and view all your PODs in real time. Real time up-dation allows you to follow up and ensure proper delivery. It is possible to capture and reflect all relevant information like time of delivery, E-POD documents, damages, detention charges, etc. This facilitate the transporter billing process.

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why it is needed?

Benefits of E-POD

Reduces dependencies on paperwork
Eases audit processes
Shrinks carbon footprint
Boosts delivery productivity
Shortens billing cycles

Why Choose Qbit TMS

With Qbit Supply Chain Platform you can streamline your entire supply chain.

Self learning ML based algorithms
ML backed dispatch optimization results for better optimization & efficiency.
5-7% Direct Cost Reduction from Day 1
Best in class dispatch planning and truck load building algorithms.
25% Faster Vehicle Sourcing
With Spot bidding enjoy stress free truck booking experience.
3-5% Increase in truck capacity usage
Suggesting additional load of fast selling SKUs 

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Aseem Chandra from Vijay Sales on Qbit Supply Chain

"It’s intuitive, functional, easy-to-setup and presents content in an interactive and interesting way."

aseem chandra, core team member @vijaysales

"Quifers Workforce management system helped us streamline our whole process - from scheduling, allocation to routing & billing. The route optimization is a powerful tool. We were able to reduce repeat attempts & drive down the costs by as much as 25%."

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Enterprise Grade Security

Secure cloud deployment with option to block any rogue IPs

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