Contract Management

Ensure that all parties involved in the supply chain are fulfilling their obligations and meeting their agreed-upon terms.

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Use Cases

System is designed to streamline and optimize the process of delivering goods or services.

Streamline and Automation

Automation of contract management makes it easy to see what is happening with each one of your contracts.

Contract Renewal

Automating the process allows an organization to identify renewal opportunities and create new contracts.

Reduction of Manual Data Entry

Authoring contracts become easy and helps avoid repetition. A contract of similar terms, conditions, can be a template for repeat use.

Invoice creation and management

It allows users to create and manage invoices, track payment status, and generate reports

What we offer

Vehicle Allocation Engine

Best mix of vehicles to minimize logistics cost and provide smarter source planning.

Route Planning

Increased resource utilization with optimized delivery routes while respecting all practical constraints.

Delivery Application

Mobile app to handle task delegation, navigation, proof of delivery and reconciliation.

Scalable Solutions for Any Business, Any Size

Streamlined Operations

Hawk eye view from dispatch to delivery – Get complete transparency & access to all the documents and status in a single UI.

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Optimal Allocation & Routing

Optimize cost via delivery routes and increased vehicle utilization. Zero hassle planning with all constraints handled – time windows, priority orders, vehicle preferences, working hours and many more.

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Improving operational efficiency for a leading electronics retail company.

With Qbit Delivery Management System

Supply chain and logistics automation in Vijay Sales

Our Impact


Reduction in overall Cost (Direct & Indirect)


Increase in number of deliveries per day


Reduction in Planning hours


Reduced missed delivery instances

Delivery Management System


Optimized Delivery Planning & Routing for your resources with full visibility and control on your end-mile operations.

Optimized Allocation & Routing

All constraints handled- Volume, Weight, Time, Total Run, Working Hours and many more.

Better Control

Geo-Fencing, Dynamic Re-routing & on-run order allocation for reverse pick-ups.

Better Customer Experience

Let your customers track deliveries. Reduce delivery failure & get feedback.

E-POD Authentication

Get proof of delivery via our mobile app in real time.

Actionable Report & Analytics

Drive operational excellence with smarter reporting.

SIM based Tracking & Updates

Get full transparency & control of your logistics.

Enterprise Grade Security and Access Control

Hosted on AWS with latest security patch, get hierarchy level access & data control.

Workflow Integration Support

Integrate with your current systems (SAP/Oracle/GSuite or any other legacy system)