Real Time Monitoring, Response and Decision Making.

Build an agile and resilient supply chain

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How this Works

Simpler Tracking

The Control Tower helps logistics teams gain a bird’s eye view of their entire logistics network.

Easy to Implement

Enabling identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies across their supply chain.


Our deep learning module provides deep insights about ETAs, Delays, Delay Impact, Lane reports and Transporter Scorecards, helping you take your business to the next level.


Salient Features

Comprehensive real time visibility

Stay on top of developments in real time. Mitigate exceptions at the earliest.

Seamless Collaboration across teams

One platform for multiple stakeholders across the supply chain.

Predictive Insights

Our smart data module delivers predictive insights into potential future disruptions.

Exception Response Support

Outsource your hassles. Let our expert team handle any supply chain disruptions.


Frequent Questions

What is Qbit Exception Response Support?

Qbit offers a dedicated exception handling team as an add-on to its control tower solution. If you choose to subscribe to this service our trained team will monitor your supply chain and respond to exceptions on your behalf.

What kind of insights can I potentially gain from Qbit Control Tower?

The control tower collects data from your entire digital supply chain. It is therefore able to provide insights around transporter performance, warehouse efficiency, dock utilization etc.

How is the Control Tower priced?

Get in touch with the sales team for a quote. Click here to get in touch.