Manage your Dock's Loading & Unloading

Efficiently manage the operations of loading and unloading goods at a dock or port facility.

Qbit Supply Chain Dock Management

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Use Cases

System is designed to streamline and optimize the process of delivering goods or services.

Optimize Idle time

Optimizing the use of docks to minimize idle time and optimize operations.

Supply Chain Visibility

Tracking the movement of goods, containers, and vehicles in real-time to improve supply chain visibility.

Better Management at Gate security

It assists in the automation of traditionally manual processes in the dock, like gate-in, gate-out and appointment scheduling. This leads to increased accuracy of inputs and outputs for better benchmarking.

Streamlined Documentation Process

It can improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors and delays. Additionally, the centralized database can provide valuable insights into the performance of the dock and the entire supply chain.


Increased load capacity

Reduction in overall Cost (Direct & Indirect)

Improved Planning

Visualized dashboards enable control of resources.

Reduced driver waiting time

Scheduling Inbound & Outbound arrivals prevent traffic congestion & driver waiting time.

Reduced Penalties

Clear visibility of Inbound & Outbound orders reduces driver detention times and penalties for holdbacks.

What we offer

Best Vehicle Mix Algorithm

Our algorithm suggests the best mix of vehicles for maximum utilization and cost savings.

Mobile Delivery Application

Mobile app to handle task delegation, navigation, proof of delivery and reconciliation.

what separates us from the rest?

Scalable Solutions for Any Business, Any Size

Minimize Cost & Maximize Utilization

Get best possible combination of Fleet mix with maximum capacity utilization. Configure vehicle type, Geographical Clusters, Load Coupling preferences, and any other practical constraints.

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Real Time Freight Sourcing & Collaboration Platform

For Spot Booking and Reverse Bidding for Market Vehicles.

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Enterprise Grade Supply Chain Network Optimization

Single system to design & optimize your whole SCM network. Get easy integration with any system and insights that further optimize your network.

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How we helped one the biggest FMCG companies save INR 55 lacs yearly.

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